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Standard Listing Photos
Below is a sample of a standard listing photo. It is a composite made from 6 individual images taken at different exposures and then processed with Adobe Lightroom. This technique is referred to as High Dynamic Range or HDR photography. This method is very advantageous with real estate photography.
Premium Listing Photos
Every premium listing photo is first processed in Adobe Lightroom using the HDR method. However, they have an added benefit of being mastered in Adobe Photoshop and are color accurate . The photo below has had the following corrections performed.
Color corrected with x-rite color chart
Countertop backsplash color corrected
Stainless steel appliances color corrected
Island countertop color corrected
Island base color matched
Living room wall paint color corrected
Distracting items removed.
Premium Listing Photo
Previous Listing Agent
The photo below is the same home presented by a listing agent that used a different photographer.
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